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Welcome to the BeFunded Private Money Marketplace.

Projects: Amusement Park, Alternative Energy, Arena, Assisted Living, Apartment, Auto, Banquet Hall, Campground, Car Wash, Church, Condo, Condotel, Convenience Store, Coop, Daycare, Environmental, Equipment, Farm, Fitness Center, Fossil Fuel Exploration, Funeral Home, Gas Station, Golf Course, Green Technology, High Rise, Historic, Hospitality, Hotel, Industrial, Land Development, Leisure, Loft, Lounge, Low Income, Medical, Mine, Mixed Use, Mobile, Modular, Motel, Multiple Unit, Multifamily, New Construction, Office, Office Park, Owner Occupied, Pad Site, Parking Lot, Quad, Ranch, Raw Land, Rehab, Rental, Renovation, Repair, Restaurant, Resort, Retail, Rooming House, Rural Lot, Self Storage, Senior Housing, Shopping Mall, Single Purpose, Skyscraper, Small Commercial, Special Use, Sports Bar, Stadium, Strip Center, Subdivision, Trailer Park, Warehouse

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