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Our mission is for you to BeFunded.



Make it a combined effort.


While BeFunded has no upfront fees on funding niches and several joint venture capital projects, we want to thank you for showing commitment to both your business and project by selecting our enhanced "Project Mentoring" program.


Our Letter of Intent (LOI) details the specific terms for the funding of your joint venture property or project.


The "Project Mentoring" amount is well worth the advance as it is deducted from any commissions earned at closing. Payment may be made through your bank via wire or ACH transfer. We also accept PayPal and all major credit cards by clicking below.


We look forward to a profitable and mutually rewarding relationship.

Funding Niches


New Investors & Lenders Daily


Access Over 2500
Money Sources


BeFunded proprietary software searches our Private Money Marketplace for matches of comparable capital and funding sources.


With such a network span, we cover all categories and provide our client's with property and project finance alternatives.


Real estate private money includes residential or commercial, construction or rehab, buildable lots to multi units, mixed use to retail centers, as well as office or industrial settings.


Business to business (B2B) private money includes ongoing enterprises as well as startups.



Go Hire Yourself 

Management Team

Project Mentoring


Gathering Your Expert Team


Leverage For
Greater Profits


Joint Venture (JV) capital replaces debt and builds equity position.


All capital is derived from private money and institutional investors.


No personal credit is ever required, However, it may enhance your application and help in certain instances.


Closings of time sensitive ventures may require both JV capital and lending options. 



Real Estate or B2B

Residential or Commercial 


Franchises, Hospitality

Retail, Healthcare

High Tech, Startups


Joint Ventures


Equity Partners & Venture Capital


The Art
Of The Deal


BeFunded has the expertise to take your property or project to the next level.


We simultaneously perform on two levels for short and long term results. Your venture needs a mixture of lending and investment capital to grow and enhance profits. 


Our connections are both in the USA and internationally. We know the who, what, where, when and whys, to  effectively budget and close on time.


Our mentoring program is an inexpensive and effective way to take control of market factors and jump ahead of the competition.