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Getting Started
We want your client BeFunded.


Please complete the loan scenario. For your convenience, BeFunded has streamlined the process, as this is the only document we will need to get started.


We do not ask for an SSN or credit report. Private money is more concerned with the ROI of a property or project than with the historical accounts of a borrower. 


Your application connects directly with our BeFunded proprietary software and reaches over 2500 money sources in our Private Money Marketplace.


The range of our programs is wide and diverse for borrowers with special needs.

      * Full, Light, Stated - OK

      * No Credit Check - OK

      * Foreign Nationals - OK

      * No 4506 - OK


After we review your scenario, we will discuss the client deal. The client may be requested to complete a more fuller application.


Then, our Letter of Intent (LOI) will outline a course of action and request more documents to fill in the details.


At any time, you may wish to submit related  items on our DOCUMENT LIST.